Decide. Commit. Live it.

Nutrition is my favorite subject to talk about and the one I have struggled with the most. For years I used food to numb emotional pain causing my weight to yo yo. I binged, purged, over exercised, and severely restricted my calories. I was a hot mess! You know how some closets have 3-4 different sizes? Well that was mine.

I had to learn to swallow the pain and avoid running to the kitchen to dip my spoon in the peanut butter jar, over, and over, and over. Here’s the deal – life can be painful and this will not change. But we can control how we react to stressful situations. In my case, I turned to almighty God for help. At first every day was a struggle to not use food as an “out” but eventually the episodes got fewer and fewer. Easy? NO! Worth it? YES!

Healthy can be simple

Let’s face it, life is crazy! Kids get sick, dog runs away, house is a mess, really the list could go on and on. Many things we simply don’t have control over, but we do control how we fuel our bodies. We get to choose whole foods over processed, fruits over simple sugars, organic meats over meats from animals raised on antibiotics and hormones. The choices we make now will show up in our health down the road. Preparing family friendly, healthy meals doesn’t have to take hours. I’m a big believer in 30 minute meals and the most incredible invention ever…..the crockpot.

My meal plans are designed to light a fire under your metabolism and help you lose stubborn fat. You will be fueling your body with whole, natural foods, and gain energy in the process. The foods in your plan will help you reduce inflammation and flatten your stomach. Can you say alleluia?!