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Are You Overscheduled and Over Committed?

Hey there lovelies! This blog post is especially written for my mom warriors out there who go and go and go to the point that one day they wake up and are like “WOA, something MUST change”. For the past nine months I have been doing just that and I have found myself not wanting to work out.  What? Rewind. Yes, you heard me correctly. Instead of my workouts being one of the high points of my day, they now seem like one more thing that needs to get done. I know when my fitness takes a backseat, something MUST change. I must let something go in order to put my health at the top of my priority list.

Can you relate? Like there aren’t enough hours in the day or finding yourself saying “if only I had a personal assistant”. Here’s the dealio….even though I am in this situation (and you may be too), um, well, it’s sorta my fault. We have responsibility over our schedules and we have a voice that could say “no” to commitments not serving us. So now that we find ourselves over scheduled and over committed, how exactly do we change this situation? After all, aren’t our kids’ activities, work, PTA, church, etc. all priorities? YES, absolutely, but not everything can be a top priority at the same time. We need to decide what we can and cannot put on the backburner. Here is the process I take:

First, I determine my values? For me, the answer is God, family, and health. Next, what activities need to be scheduled around these values? Here is an example:

Values: God, family, and health

Daily MUST do: read scripture in the morning, exercise no less than 30 minutes a day, family dinner at table nightly, tuck kids into bed and pray as a family. Church on Sunday morning. These are the things I will NOT sacrifice no matter what.

Now that we’ve figured out our no sacrifice list, let’s determine what other tasks need to be done to move us forward on our MOST important goal. Since our goals change constantly, then this one evolves often. And if you are reading this and do not have a goal, now is a good time to make one. Here is an example:

Current biggest goal: Grow business to x dollars

Daily MUST do: tape video, be active on social media platforms, follow-up with current clients, and create new content

Ok, do you see how this is shaping up? We are starting to form our day here around our values and current top priority. Next, we will pencil in obligations such as organizations we may belong to.

Ongoing Commitments: PTA, HOA, Chamber of Commerce

Time commitment: 6-8 hours a month

Now that we’ve organized our must do list, it’s time to evaluate the things we are committing to that do not support our values, current biggest goal, and ongoing commitments. Maybe for you there are dinner parties you say yes to that you really don’t want to attend but are worried about being offensive. Here is my philosophy on that one: if you really don’t want to do something then DON’T! Learn to say no without guilt. Or maybe you are the mom that volunteers for everything at your kid’s school and as a result, you find yourself not having time to work on your own dreams. Since I have small children, it seems like my kids are always getting invited to birthday parties. In the past 6 weeks, I think we had 5 invites. I’ve been such a hot mess that I even went to one party on the wrong day! YIKES!! Five birthday parties is like 12 hours I could have been putting toward my top priority goal. I don’t think the answer is to say “sorry kiddos, mamma has work to do so no party for you”. I do think I could have asked other moms to help out and organize a rideshare. I promise you there are things you are doing that you do not have to be doing. You might have to outsource them and pay someone but if you are serious about your top priority goal, then paying for help will be worthwhile.

I hope this helped some of you rock-star moms that find yourself near the point of break-down, needing a change. I write this with absolute love and understanding as one mom to another.

With love and respect,

Mindy Joy

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