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10 Ideas to Introduce More Excitement Into Your Life

Do you ever feel like your life is its own version of Groundhog Day? You are running through the motions, repeating the same “to do” list day in and day out? It’s easy to get caught up in a routine and before long we find ourselves feeling uneasy, though we may not be sure why. We begin thinking that we need a change, but may not know where to even begin. I’ve never been one to shy away from change, big or small. Most recently I found my office space needing to be refreshed. It was ok, but when I looked at it, I didn’t feel particularly inspired. Here’s the dealio, sometimes the change we need, doesn’t need to be monumental. It can be as simple as a new haircut, changing furniture placement, or a new shade of lipstick.

As we head into 2017, pick some areas in your life that need to be refreshed. In the process, your spirit will be re-energized. Here are a few suggestions to get your mental juices flowing…

1. Try out a new hair color
2. Pick a room in the house that doesn’t particularly excite you and redecorate it.
3. If you’ve been engaged in the same exercise routine for over 4 months, mix it up and try something new.
4. Do you say the same prayer with your kids before bed, night after night? Maybe it’s time to explore a new prayer routine.
5. Using the same body wash? Pick a new one with a scent you really like.
6. Same breakfast day in and day out? Consider mixing up your breakfast routine for more variety.
7. Been wanting to try a new hobby? Check out your local community center for class options. There is everything from cooking to computer programming at ours.
8. Not loving your style and want to become more adventurous with your clothes. Schedule an appointment with a stylist to get a consultation on a new look!
9. Visiting the same restaurant on date night? Go online and research local restaurants. Pick one and try it out on your next kid free evening.
10. Needing a little more self-confidence? Every morning stand in front of your bathroom mirror, smile, and say “I am FREAKING awesome!”

There you go friends. Be adventurous and embrace change.

With love and respect,
Mindy Joy

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