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5 Morning Rituals to Try

If you are like most people, starting the day can be sort of hard. I’m not going to lie, there are still days I hit the snooze button. I’ve found that by having a morning routine that focuses on the areas in life most important to me, gets me EXCITED and out of bed ready to start the day. Here are the five things I do every single day to start my morning off on the right foot.

  • I say the following prayer before my feet hit the ground: Lord, before every checkmark on my to do list, before every accomplishment today, before every dollar I earn, may I walk in love. Lord, when I get off course, please gently steer me back. Starting the morning in prayer has made all the difference in my relationships with my husband, children, and every person I talk with throughout the day.
  • I drink a tall glass of cold water. We lose water while sleeping so tend to wake a little dehydrated. It’s important to rehydrate before any caffeine because caffeine is a natural diuretic that will pull more water from your body.
  • Now that I am hydrated, I pour a nice hot cup of coffee. Now I know not everyone is a coffee drinker, but I am and I happen to LOVE this part of my morning. Everyone else is still sleeping and my coffee and I head up to my office to catch up on correspondence. Maybe your thing is tea, but I find that something warm to drink helps me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • I look over my to-do-list and schedule I made the night before so it is fresh in my mind. An unorganized mind is a chaotic one, so stay organized. It takes time, but in the long run you will save time and profit more when you are organized.
  • Listen to someone who motivates you while getting ready. Instead of turning on the news, I like to listen to Tony Robbins while getting ready for my day. Our minds are powerful and we need to feed them positivity throughout the day. Find someone who lights you up, and get in the habit of listening to them daily.

Find what works for you but whatever you choose make sure you can stick with it. A calm mind and body is a healthy one.


With love and respect,

Mindy Joy

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