Focus on what you DESERVE!

Okay girlfriends, setback and grab a cup of tea or coffee because I’m going to get real with you all.

Conquering an eating disorder

I grew up a typical child, athletic and always active. I never experienced issues with my weight unless you count my freshman year in college when I indeed gained 10 pounds on the old beer and pizza plan. For the most part however, I was on the opposite end of the spectrum and was always the tallest and skinniest kid as a child. My family often called me Skinny Minnie and I associated being thin with being accepted.  Around the age of 16, I began “blossoming” as they like to say except I wanted no part of it! I had always attracted so much attention for being tall and thin and was worried I’d lose the approval I craved. This is when I began binging and purging, kicking off a decade of self sabotaging.

Eventually I began to severely restrict calories and would over exercise for hours a day. I would stop the cycle sometimes for many months and even years, but then an event would trigger those old inadequate feelings and I found myself self-sabotaging again. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and I didn’t know how to stop it. In my mind if I had the perfect body then somehow I’d have the perfect life too. Time and time again I would fall victim to my disorder.

My New Story – Healthy, Happy, and Grateful

At the age of 29, God told me I was disrespecting my body and that we need to treat our bodies like temples – as they are precious gifts. This was the kick in the pants I needed to say no more and I began a quest for self-love. I prayed and read and prayed some more until finally, I accepted myself no matter what. I had two blessed pregnancies and had no issues looking in the mirror at  my pregnant self. The journey is not over though, as we are always evolving. It is my hope that you will also learn to love yourself unconditionally, as this is the BEST feeling! Through self-love you can begin to change your thought patterns, which leads to making better choices. Through better choices, you will form healthy habits, and achieve the body you are seeking. The body is already there waiting for you. You just need to commit and do the work in order to manifest it. Let’s get busy writing your new story!

“Happiness is a state of mind. Change your thoughts, change your life.”