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What Dairy Free Has Done for Me

Prior to the summer of 2015, I suffered from unexplainable pain and fatigue for several months. My doctor ran test after test yet all blood work came back normal. I was finally sent to a rheumatologist. I remember him barely pressing on areas all over my body and being so sore. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the age of 38. With this condition, I could no longer hit it hard in the gym and recover quickly. A hard work out would set me back five days and my body felt like it had been beat.

I refused medication and was determined to find a way to beat my pain. Unfortunately, the medical profession isn’t too knowledgeable about how foods can be used to treat disease so I set out on a journey of conducting my own research. Many things recommended I was already doing, such as consistent exercise, a healthy diet, and certain supplements, yet I still experienced debilitating pain. One thing I read over and over really stood out and it was the suggestion to eliminate dairy.

Dairy can be highly inflammatory and with conditions such a Fibro, more inflammation is a bad thing. I had been used to supplementing with high quality whey protein, so admittedly was a little apprehensive because I know how great whey is when it comes to protein synthesis. Still, I was in pain and was willing to try it. After cutting out dairy, nearly immediately my symptoms began to improve. I switched to a vegan protein instead so am still able to make my favorite smoothies! I can now say eliminating dairy was the BEST decision I have made in managing my Fibro symptoms. I only have a flare up if I push myself too hard physically and don’t get enough rest. I feel like my old self again and as a bonus lost stubborn belly fat too!  My hope is that if you are reading this and have Fibromyalgia or know someone who does, please pass this article along.


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