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Do you love yourself darling?

Do You Love Yourself Darling?

Do you love yourself darling? I mean, do you truly love yourself? The kind of love that you embrace so deeply, that you learn to say no to everything in this world that doesn’t serve your higher purpose. Notice I didn’t say “serving you,” but rather serving your purpose.

We grow up learning facts, memorizing this and that in school, but nowhere in our childhood journey are we taught self-love. We are taught to be respectful of others, to say please and thank-you, and to not talk to strangers, but no one teaches us to look in the mirror and say “I love you self”.

Developing self-love is messy. It is from the mess and ultimately through it that love is waiting. Self-love brings an internal awareness of our deepest needs and this knowing can be completely paralyzing and just plain scary- to the point that we want to take our newfound self-love, lock it up and throw away the key.

Self-love is not selfish, rather just the opposite. It is the ability to block out everything not in alignment with your truth, your reason for being put on this earth, your highest calling.  It requires a voice, and a strong one at that. It requires being ok with not everyone aligning to your vision. It requires an unwavering belief in self that will propel you through the crap.

My hope for you is that you do the work, face the fears, read the books, listen to the podcasts, and discover your own truth. And once you do, love yourself so damn much that nothing will stop you from stepping into your purpose.

You were born for greatness.

With love and respect,

Mindy Joy

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