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You may think I am yelling at you based on the title of this blog, and well, I sorta am. But it’s tough love, promise. Here’s the dealio……if you are not organized, then you are a hot tamale mess!!  If you are a hot tamale mess, then you are not living into your potential and you most certainly are not maximizing your earning potential. I totally get that some people are just born with organization skills and it comes easy to them. BUT……this is no excuse my friend. If you are not innately organized, then study the subject and learn it. I am not innately good at figuring out technology. In fact, I really, really stink. But I use it every day and it saves me time and money every day so I’m sure as heck going to figure it out. Here are my top tips on getting organized and saving time. This saved time can be redirected towards spending time with your family or engaging in income producing activities, or simply kicking back and flipping through a magazine.

  1. Open and file your mail EVERY single day. This is a big one. Make it a habit to go through your mail daily and then sort it. First, get rid of all the junk mail. Next, put your bills in a spot. Then, put any items requiring action in a spot. Magazines can be taken to the appropriate room. I have a filing section in my kitchen where I put the bills and action item correspondence. I go through it all every other Friday like clockwork. When you let things pile up this causes a feeling of being overwhelmed. Stay on top of your mail and reduce the clutter on your counter top and in your mind.
  2. Organize your pantry. I know you are probably saying “well duh,” but it’s amazing how much money is spent re-buying items we simply can’t find. Or, letting things expire because we don’t see them. Keep an organized pantry and you will not only save time by finding things quickly but you will also save money!! And who doesn’t like looking at an organized pantry??
  3. Pick up nightly. Parents, this one is especially for you. Isn’t it nuts how toys always end up in the master bedroom? At the end of the day our bedroom looks like an American Girl and Build A Bear store. And having little girls, somehow hair ties and hair brushes end up in every single room! We pick up nightly though so that we are not waiting until “cleaning day”. It only takes 10 minutes and to make it fun for the kids, set a timer and make it a game to see how much can get picked up in 10 minutes.

Well I have a lot more tips, but this is a good start. If you are feeling overwhelmed, get organized sweetheart and I promise you will begin to breathe deeper.

With love and respect,

Mindy Joy

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