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Are Your Hormones Keeping You from Losing Weight?

We’ve all heard the old adage, slash your calories and lose weight, right? But not so fast! I’m going to use myself as an example. Through most of my twenties I was a runner, and frankly, I did not have a low body fat. Although I might have looked slim, my body fat was in the “acceptable” range. At the time, I ate 3x a day, going many hours’ in-between meals. Fast forward many years later, and much more wisdom, I am now in the “fitness” body fat category and eat 6x a day! So what’s up with that? True, I added weight training to my routine, but the #1 change I’ve made is how I eat and here is why.

When you cut back too much on calories, your body does NOT like this and your hormone cycle gets disrupted. Specifically, the master hormones that regulate your hunger and satiety are known as leptin and ghrelin. They go haywire when they think you are starving and actually create sugary food cravings in your body in an effort to raise your blood glucose levels. BUT, when you regularly fuel your body throughout the day, hormones are regulated, and you don’t get those crazy cravings that happen when you go too long in-between meals, not to mention getting HANGRY! This is EXACTLY how my 10 Day Reset is laid out and part of the reason you lose body fat in just 10 short days.

The biggest excuse I hear in why women don’t want to eat small mini meals throughout the day is lack of time. Ok, please don’t curse me, but this is a crap excuse. I’ve got one solution for you babe, meal prep. Yes, it takes some planning, but aren’t you worth it beautiful? In 1-2 hours on Sunday you can create your mini meals and pop them into the fridge and grab and go throughout the week. And with today’s healthy selection of meal replacement bars and shakes, you really have no excuse. Just be careful and pick products that are non-GMO and are not filled with sugars.

Well love, I hope this helped you and as always, I am cheering for you!!

With love and respect,
Mindy Joy


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