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Are We Teaching Our Children Tolerance?

Let’s be real for a minute…..this past election has been pretty tumultuous, right?  Whether your candidate won or not, we are still one nation under God. That last word, the God word, seems to be lost in all of the mudslinging. Instead of coming together as a nation to better this GREAT country, we are teaching our children to disrespect others opinions.

I had A LOT of friends and family members not support my candidate. I am happy to say they are still my friends and family. My children were fully aware of who their parents supported but we were careful to not insult the other candidate in front of them, as tempting as it was sometimes. And since the election, if a news story comes on showing the protesting, I turn the channel. Mr. Trump is our President whether we like it or not. Sadly, as a result of this election, children are going to school voicing their parents’ opinions, and often these opinions are hurtful. Our influence over our children is so strong! What we say gets repeated and molds their behavior and shapes their future.

If we teach our children hate and discrimination, this will in no way contribute to the unity this country needs. We should be teaching our children to take a stand against bullying. With differences must come tolerance. We don’t have to understand someone’s point of view, but we do have to respect their opinions and this is what we must teach our children.

I certainly realize this has nothing to do with health and fitness but it does have to do with healthy parenting. I make many mistakes as a parent and every day is a new adventure. I don’t have all the answers but I do have a vision for our children’s’ future.

With love and respect,

Mindy Joy

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