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The Only Three Pieces of Exercise Equipment You Need!!

Hiya friends! Let’s face it, balancing kids, marriage, and career is hard enough and on top of that we have to find the time to work out! But what if you didn’t have to drive to a gym? What if you didn’t have to spend all that money on a gym membership and then pay extra to use the childcare at the health club?? YES, it’s possible!! Ladies, home workouts can be SUPER effective and besides your motivation, you only need a few pieces of equipment that don’t take up any space.

1. The most important piece of equipment you need is you own body! Yes! Body weighted exercises are so effective and since you are already living in your house, it’s not like you are taking up any additional space. Some of my favorite body weighted strength training exercises are push-ups, triceps dips, squats, lunges, and planks. These five moves alone provide a full-body workout. For the cardio portion of your workout, mountain climbers, squat jumps, jumping jacks, etc., get the heart rate up and help you burn more calories. Many of my exercise videos are body weighted, so check out my Facebook page for some ideas.

2. The second piece of equipment you need is an exercise band. I take mine whenever we travel because it’s so portable!! This inexpensive band is so versatile and some of my favorite exercises are bicep curls, triceps extensions, and lateral/front raises. Anyone can use an exercise band, regardless of your fitness level. Just be sure to test out the different colors because they each deliver a different level of resistance. You may want to invest in a couple and switch them up depending on the exercise you are doing.

3. Lastly, invest in exercise tubing. This has become my FAVORITE little tool for working my lower body!! I place the band around my legs right above the knees and perform various squats and abductor movements. I love the intensity adding the band to my workouts has provided! Similar to the exercise band, tubing comes in different resistance levels, so test it out before you buy to make sure it fits your current fitness level.

Well friends, there you have it. Your own body weight, exercise bands, and tubes can deliver a super effective workout right in your own home. Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for ideas and if you are ready for a spring detox, you’ll definitely want to try my 10 Day Reset available at

With love and respect,
Mindy Joy

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