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Treat Yourself

Do you ever find yourself talking yourself out of purchasing something? A little voice that says “No, don’t buy that, you have ballet lessons to pay for” or how about “Do you even know how many starving children you could feed for that price!” For years, I never purchased any clothing or shoes that were full price. Even if I could afford it, I felt incredibly guilty, and denied myself simple pleasures.
I can still remember my light bulb moment so clearly. Grace was a few months old and we were shopping at Nordstrom’s. I always went straight to the sales rack and honestly didn’t even look at items not on sale. I spotted a pair of jeans that looked great on the hanger and even better once I tried them on. Until that day I had never paid more than $60.00 for jeans, and these designer jeans were $135.00…more than DOUBLE what I was typically allowing myself to spend! Here I was in this dressing room, with my new baby, and I heard a voice say “’you deserve them, buy them”. So I did. I wore those jeans for several years until they were so full of holes, that I HAD to stop wearing them. Just slipping them on brought on such an empowering feeling, because I was transported back to that day when I loved myself enough to buy them.

After that day, I slowly began to allow myself small pleasures and I still have to remind myself that I am worth it. One of my pleasures is buying fresh flowers with NO guilt!! Friends, God wants us to be delighted with life and sometimes this means being delighted with things that catch your eye, like the pair of jeans I spotted. Today I am encouraging you to remind yourself that you ARE worth it and as long as you can afford it, then TREAT yourself!!

With love and respect,
Mindy Joy

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